700 Haddonfield Berlin Rd, Voorhees, NJ, 08043 - 0000 
Full service

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Small city, town, or suburb
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Less than $5.99
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Full service
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Top 100 Healthy Menus  (2011)
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Reviewed by: bamnan2 on: 2013-11-21
Wonderful food and service. The meals here are much better than that high priced Chinese restaurant everyone thinks is great. Trust me, this restaurant is the best with prices that are a great bargain too.
Reviewed by: rybakwa on: 2011-04-21
This is a great Chinese restaurant which we have been going to for many years. The owner and the help are very friendly and accomodating, and the food is excellent. We would recommend this restaurant to anyone.
Reviewed by: skrandwar on: 2011-04-20
It is the best Chinese restaurant near us and the only one we will go to. We have been going there for many, many years. The owners are very pleasant and very accomodating. It is very clean and they keep the decor updated. They have my vote for sure!
Reviewed by: rsorino on: 2010-12-05
Yes New Yong's Village is the best Chinese restaurant in South Jersey. Have been going their for years and the same people are still their. It is a great place to sit and dine and when you just want to just eat at home take out is just as good. Once or twice I have tried other places but never found any place even close. As another person had commented You will not be disappointed!
Reviewed by: tracyb921 on: 2010-11-03
New Yong's Village is the best Chinese restaurant in South Jersey, hands down. I no longer live close but will make the trip to satisfy my Chinese craving with proper food! With so many Asian restaurants just offering pick-up/delivery of food, it is nice to sit and relax in an authentic Chinese Restaurant. As soon as you are seated you have water, hot tea, fried noodles with REAL duck sauce and hot mustard, as well as Chinese salad on your table. These are fun to munch on while choosing from their large menu. The service is fabulous, the owners are gracious and pleasant. The food is outstanding....I have a hard time choosing just one item! Their prices are very reasonable - a combo includes soup, entree, fried rice, egg roll, and dessert for around $10. You will not be disappointed!
Reviewed by: rjmerkert on: 2010-10-26
Excellent restaurant - great food and service. We have been going there for many years.
Reviewed by: shelmirecsays on: 2010-06-04
One of the best, if not thee best Chinese Restaurants in South Jersey. The owner is extremely nice and personable not to mention the food is amazing; some of the most authentic as well as best tasting Chinese food I have had in a while. Prices are very good as well. If you live in or around Voorhees, NJ you must try it.